Solid Security

Fraud Controls

Online shop lifting is on the rise and eCommerce businesses are targets of fraudsters. The best way to protect your online store from theft is to set up fraud controls. Something as simple as an address check or zip code verification can help protect you from would-be thieves.


Tokenization is the process where data entered by the card holder is encrypted and stored as a token. The token is then used to run the transaction and to retrieve information about the sale. Tokens are also used to issue a refund for all or part of a transaction to the card used in the transaction.

International Bancard uses tokenization for all sale types and refunds. You will never see full card data in our system or in any of our interfaces. We take identity theft and credit card security very seriously.

Card Vaulting

Card Vaulting is the process where a customer enters credit or debit card information and approves to have these data stored in our system for future use. As with all of our transactions, card data is tokenized before storage. Only a token of the card is used for future transactions. A card token may be updated in our system with new expiration date; however, at no time is full card data retrievable, not even by us. This process ensures your customer data is safe and secure.