Robust Features

Hosted Pay Solutions

International Bancard’s Hosted Pay product line provides easy drop-in hosted fields for accepting one-time or subscription payments. Since the payment fields are hosted on our servers, payment card data collection is more secure and your PCI compliance requirements are reduced.

  • One Time Payments
  • Subscriptions
  • Installment Plans
Online Subscriptions

International Bancard offers several subscription payment acceptance options. Whether you are looking for a simple set up option for a drop-in subscription payment interface, or a standalone application that provides user login and branding settings; we have solutions.

We also offer a variety of APIs and SDKs so you can create your own fully customized subscription payment service including Tokenization and Card Vaulting.

Pay by Email

With Pay by Email, you can enhance your business by helping your customers pay you quicker by sending a virtual terminal for payment acceptance.

We also offer a full email invoicing system that is out of the box yet provides product and customer management.

Pay by Text

Text notifications of payments due get you noticed, and with a text link that opens a virtual terminal payment interface, you get paid quickly and your customer’s card data is secure.

Coupled with International Bancard’s merchant portal you can track and monitor transactions quick and easy. For developers wanting to go one step farther, we offer APIs for managing communication services and customer profiles.

Shopping Cart Checkout

eCommerce is easier with the variety of shopping cart applications on the market today. Customers load up their cart online and click to checkout. Then what? You need a checkout process that is quick, easy to install, and secure. With our simple integration methods International Bancard can have you accepting payments in no time. Plus, we offer several fraud detection features that protect you from online shop lifting.


Our Developer Team will work with you to fully integrate EMV into your payment solution. We offer test terminals and test EMV-enabled cards during your development project and ensure that you are successfully processing to our payment gateway using EMV via our development certification process.

Customer Data Management

There’s more to payment acceptance than capturing your customer’s credit card information. Many business models include recurring payments and customer notifications. Capturing your customer’s name, address, email address, and phone number along with their account number are key data elements that can be stored with your customers’ payment methods.

International Bancard offers out-of-the-box payment solutions with customer management as well as API keys, SDKs and iframes for collecting vital customer data that you can use in your custom applications and interfaces.

Real-Time Transaction Reporting

International Bancard gives you the ability to stay up-to-date with robust and customizable reporting at your fingertips. Our in-depth transaction reports can be viewed in no-time and makes running your business easier and more efficient. You can also manage transactions and customer profiles and get the detailed information you are looking for, all while keeping your customer safe and secure.